Conor Richardson

Meet Conor Richardson, based in Hobart Tasmania, specialising in fine art portraits of people, family and pets. She creates beautiful imagery using natural light. Starting as a Student member in 2011, Accredited in 2013, she has come a long way in a short amount of time, entering her first awards in 2012 and the following year taking out TAS Illustrative Photographer of the year. Conor is one to watch.

I spoke with Conor recently and asked a few questions about her passions in life and her life in photography. And this is what she had to say…

How did you get involved in Photography?


My father died in a car accident when I was 6 months old, growing up I felt angry that I never got to know him. From a young age, I remember trawling through Nan’s big box of images with scribblings on the back and flipping through the pages of my Mum and Dads wedding album studying his every stance and expression. I used to make up scenarios in my mind of what was going on in that picture, just so I could feel part of it. I even sprayed a photo of my Dad with perfume, just so it had a smell (Although discoloured where the perfume hit, I still have that image now). Photos have always meant that much to me. My Mum, even though bringing up two kids on her own must have been difficult, never let my sister and I go without, I was fortunate enough to always have a camera, and I always used it. It wasn’t until College and the use of a Darkroom in the after hours, that I pushed through and started to see things in a more constructed way. The camera came in and out the same way life has its ups and downs, but the last time I pulled it out about 6-7 years ago now it hasn’t gone away. That's the thing about light, once you see how it dances you want it to be part of the dance every time.

How would you describe your perfect day?


For starters, kids that got up got ready and were waiting to go to school on time would be lovely. My perfect day? It's so hard because there are so many different ways for perfect to be had. I would say feeling accomplished at the end of a day is perfect. That small feeling of satisfaction gives me a little confidence which as a somewhat introverted artist is not a feeling that comes easily but when it happens it's so nice, it gets noticed by my wonderfully supportive husband and to be able to pass that feeling on to my young girls, it feels perfect. 

Do you have a morning ritual, and can you let us in on it?



It's all go in our household but I do like to take a moment to give the boy’s (our Pug and Bassett Hound, Dug and Frosbie) a schmako, if you can start the day with that sort of appreciation rather than the rolling of the eyes and grunts you get from asking kids to eat, get dressed and get in the car for school, everything’s going to be ok.

What would you say helps you to keep inspired and on track to achieve your goals?


Everything inspires me, other artists past and present and not just photographers. Little things, collaborations between nature, interactions between people passing on the street, but most of all just instinct. Because your whole life ends up on paper without you knowing it, and that is the beauty of art.

Photographer Years: 3 years | AIPP History: 2011 Student - Accredited in 2013 | Awarded AAIPP (Associate) 2014 | Awards: 2013 TAS Illustrative Photographer of the year | Studio:  Hobart TAS | Website: Contact: M: 0429 671 391 E: 

Words from Conor - I had a love of images before I knew how to take them; I studied them and the subjects within, learning who people were through their body language. Once I knew how to capture the same things that consumed me as a youngster growing up it was like the light and I were in collaboration. When I shoot we shoot together with the aim of making images that encapsulate my subjects with the environment around them. My aim is never to shoot for now but to capture what will be most important twenty years on. Photography is a beautiful medium that should invoke a visceral emotional response. I want to get to the core of you, your family or your pet, freeze that moment and frame it. I use photography to create a personalised work of art that moves you today, tomorrow and ten years from now. I see each client as completely individual and each shoot is tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. I like to shoot in the places you feel most yourself. Be that in the kitchen, in a park, up a tree or in a creek. No standard studio shots here. For what it’s worth, I have multiple State and National awards in various categories, but the most important thing is that you like my style of photography and that you are comfortable with me as your photographer.